Bestinet says it has no contract yet with government

KUALA LUMPUR: Bestinet Sdn Bhd does not have a contract with the government as the company needed to prove its concept first.

Bestinet executive chairman Tan Sri Azmi Khalid said the company had to show "proof of concept" of the Foreign Workers Centralised Management System (FWCMS) to the government before it is awarded the contract.

"I was not too happy, but they (the government) needed to ensure that the system will work. That FWCMS will overcome the shortcomings of the existing process.

With our holistic system, what used to take three months, can now be done in 48 hours," he told the media in a press conference today.

Azmi said when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak was presented the proposal, he said he would support the system, but only if it proves to reduce the leakages that happens in the manual system that is currently being used.

FWCMS is a system recently approved for implementation by the government to control and filter the incoming number of migrants through bio-medical examination, Visa With Reference (VDR) and e-Insurance.

FWCMS was suspended by the Immigration Department at the end of last month after it was criticised by the opposition which alleged that possession of foreign workers' biometric data would pose a security hazard.

The bio-medical examination was also criticised by foreign employment agency operators who had threatened to stop sending workers to Malaysia and complained of the drastic hike in fees, from RM15 to RM250.

"We still have not imposed any charges, and will leave it to the government to decide on the matter. The workers or employers will not be charged but instead the medical centres who use our system if the government allows us to do so, will be charged. The charges at the medical centres of the source countries for the workers will be approved by their respective governments," he explained.

Azmi added that in a year, 30,000 migrant workers are found sick from diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria, hepatitis and infected with the HIV virus.

"With the bio-medical examination, Malaysians would be safer from such diseases."