1,076 cases of HIV-infected children detected in Malaysia between 1986 and December 2013

CYBERJAYA: Some 1,076 cases of HIV-infected children aged below 13 years have been identified in Malaysia between 1986 and December 2013, said Malaysia AIDS Foundation executive director Jasmin Jalil.

According to the Health Ministry statistics, she said, new cases of HIV infection among children for the year 2013 was 50 cases or 1% of the overall 101,672 infections over the 27 years.

"Children become infected with HIV during pregnancy from mothers who do not take medication to prevent it," she told reporters at an "AIDS Amal Kayuhan" programme today.

The programme organised by the foundation and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia aims to collect funds to assist living HIV persons especially those in the poverty category.

Some 250 people took part in the programme held in conjunction with "Zero Discrimination Day".

Jasmin said HIV infection among those between the age of 13 years to 29 years for the period of 27 years was as much as 27% from the overall number.

As for the "Zero Discrimination Day", she said they will continue promoting aggressively on the need for people not to stigmatise those with HIV.

She said the programme included advocating campaigns in workplaces and schools.