First Hare Krishna temple complex in Penang to open on Aug 29

SEBERANG JAYA: The first Hare Krishna temple complex in Penang is set to open to devotees on Aug 29.

Temple committee vice-chairman Kalesha Dasa said the complex, on an acre of land here, costs about RM10 million.

More than 10,000 devotees the world over are expected to attend the opening ceremony, he added.

He said the temple, which is neigboured by other places of worship, could become part of what he termed a "harmony enclave".

"The temple is called the Temple of Devotion and Understanding," he told a press conference today.

In three buildings, the temple complex's design is based on the Vedic science of Geomancy.

Its architectural features include 12 lions sitting on top of three large domes with two domes being octagonally shaped and made from galvanised steel, stainless steel and glass.