Residents of Bukit Gasing no longer need to be in darkness

PETALING JAYA: Complaints of dark or poorly lit alleyways and roads in Bukit Gasing can now be made through the "Please Report Dark Streets" campaign which is on until May 15.

The public can do so by providing feedback to the office of Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran at 84A Jalan Othman 1/14, PJ Old Town, via email at, via telephone at 03-77847490 and via mail or walk ins at the office.

Rajiv, who is organising the campaign with the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), said today he and his team will go through the complaints received until May 15.

They will then conduct site visits to the areas mentioned in the complaints to assess the situation, he added.

"We will then channel these complaints to MBPJ to carry out the relevant works," he said.

While his focus is on the Bukit Gasing area, Rajiv said that if he gets complaints of other areas in the state he will also channel them to the relevant authorities.

Asked if there was a spike in crime in the Bukit Gasing area, he said according to official police statistics, crime in the area has gone down.

However, he said people needed to feel safe when walking at night, so ensure lightings are complete will be good.