Price hike for raw items in Ipoh

IPOH: The price of raw materials such as cuttlefish, prawns, chicken and fish at public markets in the state have increased as compared to several weeks ago.

A survey conducted here today by Bernama at Pasar Besar Ipoh found that the price of other goods remained the same or abided to the prices set by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) under the purview of the Festive Seasons Price Control Scheme in conjunction with Aidilfitri celebration nationwide.

Among the price of raw items that had suddenly increased were medium-sized cuttlefish that are now sold between RM28 and RM30 per kilogramme as compared to previous prices of between RM17 and RM20 per kilogramme.

However, the price of vegetables remained the same, namely red chillies are sold at RM16 per kilogramme, parsley for RM8 per kilogramme, salad leaves RM6 per kilogramme, long beans RM6 per kilogram and cabbages RM4 per kilogramme.

The findings of Bernama's survey also revealed that there were still some traders who did not display price labels on vegetables sold.

Sea product trader, Mohd Wignes Edrin Abdullah, 26, said the price of sea products fluctuated as its prices are determined by the wholesaler, he said.

"The price of cuttlefish or other sea products had not increased due to Aidilfitri or any other festivity, but is subject to the prices sold by the wholesaler," he said.

Vincent Chan, 32, a shellfish trader, said the price of shellfish has been erratic since before as it depends on the fishermen's catch.

"If their catch is substantial, most wholesalers would sell cheap, and at times the price of shellfish that are still in shells could go down to RM5 per kilogramme, however, if there is a drop in its supply then prices could soar up to RM18 per kilogramme," he said.

A pensioner, Salmiah Yusuf, 60, when met while shopping for daily goods at the market said prices of vegetables were still stable and had not gone up significantly, however, the price of sea products had increased more than usual.

"The hike in the price of vegetables is not really hard felt, if any, it would be between RM1 and RM2, but for fish the hike in prices is felt more than the usual. For instance, currently, the price of mackerel has gone up to RM15 per kilogramme," he said.

Meanwhile, Bernama also did a survey on the difference of prices at a supermarket here besides engaging public feedback.

Housewife, Soosilh Simon, 70, said she preferred to buy goods from the supermarket as the prices were much cheaper.

"I find the prices here to be more appropriately priced as compared to those sold at the public market since there are promotions and discounts, besides having fresher goods," she said.

As for civil servant, Fadhli Ahmad, 58, he said prices of goods at supermarkets that were much cheaper than those at the public market were fish, chicken, vegetable and rice.

"Among the benefits that we get when buying groceries at the supermarket is that we can get vegetables and fish that are of better quality at a cheaper price, for instance the price of fresh squid at the supermarket is RM13 while at the public market it may cost RM30 a kilogramme, whereas for chillies it is just RM6, but if purchased at the public market, it may cost more," he added.

On June 11, Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin announced 21 types of goods that were listed under the purview of the Festive Seasons Price Control Scheme with effect from June 16 until July 6, which included standard chicken, eggs, red chillies, tomatoes and mackerels. — Bernama