Cuscapi to provide Ajisen with self-ordering tablets

PETALING JAYA: Food and beverage IT service provider Cuscapi Bhd has entered into an agreement to exclusively deploy and manage REV self-ordering tablets for all of Ajisen China Holdings Ltd’s current and future restaurants in China for a period of six years.

In a filing with the stock exchange, the company said the agreement is expected to contribute up to 250 million yuan (RM151 million) in service fees for that period, excluding significant media related revenues generated through sales of REV self-ordering tablets’ media airtime.

Cuscapi said it expects to deploy up to 25,000 units for the current 634 Ajisen restaurants in China. Hong Kong-listed Ajisen reported sales of HK$3 billion (RM1.56 billion) from its restaurant operations in FY2015.

The REV self-ordering tablet is a new product and services offering for food and beverage restaurant chains that enables a customer to self-order, product promotions and upselling, and automation of payment processes, based on an outsourcing and revenue share business model.

It is also designed to be a media channel to improve customer interaction by delivering multimedia contents to a restaurant chain’s customers.