Decorate your world

ONE can never have enough of pens, paper, erasers or any sort of stationery – regardless if they are kept for daily usage or because they are "just cute".

For Chrystin Choo, 30 – the passion of collecting stationery became a business. She founded Salt x Paper, which sells decorative stationery together with her husband Aaron Lam, 31, who comes out with the designs for the company.

In an interview, Choo talks about the brand and its future plans.

Tell me more about Salt x Paper.

Salt x Paper is a Malaysian stationery brand that is birthed out of our love for paper goods and design.

Currently, we have a range of original illustrations A5 and A6 notebooks, stickers and greeting cards.

How did Salt x Paper idea come about?

The idea was started by Lam and I. Personally, I'm an avid stationery collector (though, my husband calls a hoarder because I keep buying cute stationery items but never seem to actually finish using them).

One day, Lam suggested that I should start my own stationery brand so that I can have my own endless supply of pretty stationery and to also make a living out of it.

I personally love notebooks, cards, letter sets, wrapping paper – anything paper-related.

I enjoy seeing beautiful designs and pretty illustrations – it makes me happy!

We talked and dreamt about it, between September and October last year, and we finally registered Salt x Paper ( with the Companies Commission on Dec 7, 2015.

A lot of your work features alphabets, plants and comfort food (donuts and candy). Explain more why these are chosen as designs for Salt x Paper?

They are fun stuff that can bring a smile to people's faces. It's a way of celebrating ordinary, everyday things that bring us joy.

What sets Salt x Paper apart from other notebooks in the market?

The original designs are created by talented local designers. The illustrations are by different designers with different styles yet personalised and something people can relate to. Apart from that, our notebooks have beautiful finishing – the sewn-bound pages and premium grade paper.

Is Salt x Paper merchandise an avenue for local artists/talent to illustrate their works?

Yes, we are open to collaborations.

We want Salt x Paper to be a platform for artists and designers to showcase their work on retail merchandise.

When we see an artist's work that we like, we invite them to illustrate for Salt x Paper (for a fee) as well as mention their names on our website and on the product itself.

Among the designers whose work are part of Salt and Paper includes Lam, Alyani Fadzil, and Nat Andrea Ng. We have also had artists approaching us to indicate their interest to collaborate. We are always open for collaborations, as we want Salt x Paper notebook covers to be a canvas to showcase the artists' work.

What future plans do you have for Salt x Paper?

We plan to have a larger range of stationery in a brick and mortar shop and also to expand our sales to more countries worldwide.

We also want to give back to the community. We are currently searching for a compatible organisation to work with, to help the underprivileged children preserve their right to an education.