Shopping Buddy program helping families in need to reduce household burden

Kuala Lumpur: Ten underprivileged families from PPR Sri Pantai, located at Pantai Dalam have been selected to be the beneficiaries of the monthly Shopping Buddy program initiated by the Great Vision Charity Association (GVCA).

The association contributed cash vouchers worth RM100 to each family with the aim to reduce their household burden.

The charity shopping trip was held at Tesco Scott Garden, accompanied by volunteers from the association.

Based on the poverty guideline from the Department of Statistics Malaysia, monthly household income of RM950 and below falls under the category of poor while monthly household income of RM600 and below falls under the hardcore poor category.

The ten underprivileged families involved in this event falls under the poor and hardcore poor families.

During the shopping session at Tesco, volunteers helped the families in choosing necessity goods and keeping track of the total purchase.

Association representative, Chor Mun Yan commented, "The purpose of this charity program is to lessen the household burden of families in need while encouraging volunteerism amongst the public in involving in community service.

The charity event managed to draw attention from the public when the shopping session was taking place.

A kind hearted woman and her daughter who happened to be shopping at the hypermarket also joined in the charity movement by sponsoring a tray of eggs and a packet of biscuit to each of the participating families.

After the shopping session, the participating families and volunteers had a hearty lunch at the Tesco food court before being chauffeured back to their homes.

One of the volunteers, Lee Xin Hui commented, "Through this event, I am happy to be able to help those who are in need and to be grateful for the things I have in life."

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