Getting ahead

SEGi University and Colleges has been offering a wide range of programmes under its Faculty of Business and Accounting since its early days as the nation’s premier provider of Business education.

For high-level business decision-makers or aspirants who want to climb the career ladder, SEGi now offers a new breakthrough method to enable them to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at their own convenience, anywhere and anytime.

Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) is a consortium of global universities that enables adult learners to advance at their own pace and complete their studies with assurance that they can still attend to other obligations and have a fulfi lling work-life balance.

Students have a choice to select which mode of study is best for them – weekend or evening classes with students attending classes either on weekends or in the evenings; or supported learning where instead of attending scheduled classes at a physical venue, students can log in for their online classes at any time of the day.

Students only need to attend workshops at their nearest authorised SEGi location twice a month.

The other mode is independent learning, where students study mostly online and only need to attend intensive revisions at their nearest SEGi campus once a month.

With these choices, students have the opportunity to network with fellow coursemates, meet their lecturers and gain any additional support they may need while they complete their studies.

Students will also have the independence to complete their studies as fast as they want to. The number of subjects to pursue in a semester is entirely up to the students. SEGi also provides a guided learning plan to ensure students can get the best from the lessons, including study guides and strategies for coping with coursework and exams.

Girish Gopal is one of the many students pursuing an MBA at SEGi University under PACE. An engineer by training, he currently works in the Oil and Gas industry and is involved in asset and project management.

Girish realised that he should gain additional knowledge to support the company’s business development – as well as discovered that he could gain recognition and advance his career if he obtained an MBA.

Girish was looking for an MBA programme that suits his time and fi nances, when his friend introduced him to the SEGi MBA programme. He then embarked on pursuing his MBA via PACE.

“The flexibility in the programme allows me to manage my time for studies, work and my personal life,” said Girish.

“I can only imagine how much more challenging it would be if there was no option for flexibility.

"When I first started my MBA journey, my management gave me a very important task to complete within a certain time frame and I managed to complete both the task and my assignments,” he added.

Girish enjoyed studying at SEGi, saying, “I’m comfortable with the lecturers and also with their method of teaching.

“Their guidance and the guided learning plan helped me understand my studies, so I was able to complete my assignments and prepare for exams."

"In addition, I had the opportunity to network with classmates from various industries, and all are very helpful in sharing their knowledge with each other,” he added.

For more information on PACE, call SEGi University at 03-6145 1777 or 1800-88-7344, email to or log on to or