Vote-buying ahead of GE14?

HAS vote-buying started ahead of the 14th general election (GE14)?

According to a report in China Press today, three individuals who appeared to be middlemen for the Opposition have been seen handing out money at the Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) at Pudu Sentral to voters to change their addresses lately.

Voters who accept these so-called middlemen’s proposal to change their home addresses to a certain constituency were given RM30 on the spot.

They were told they would get RM300 more if they vote for a specific party in the next general election.

According to the report, the three “middlemen” – a Chinese, Malay and an Indian – were seen loitering outside the National Registration Department counters to look for targets who include senior citizens and vagrants.

The “middlemen” also offered members of the public RM10 for every voter they could bring to the UTC.

What is puzzling is that the “middlemen” wanted all the voters they approached to change their addresses to a particular house address in Sekinchan, Selangor.

The daily was tipped off to the activities of the “middlemen” by a reader who went to the UTC to renew his MyKad.

Said the unnamed reader: “A 40-something friend of mine who came to the UTC to renew his MyKad was approached by one of the ‘middlemen’ to also change his home address.

“He agreed for RM30 and thought he was ‘doing the middlemen a favour’,” she said, adding that her friend told her the “middleman” would arrange for transport to take him to the polling station in Sekinchan on polling day.

The daily’s reporter who staked out the UTC saw a woman receiving money from one of the “middlemen”.

Asked how she got the money, the woman said she was given RM30 for agreeing to change her home address from Kepong to Sekichan.

She said she would get another RM300 if she votes for the Opposition in GE14.

Asked for his comment, DAP acting president Tan Kok Wai said any insinuation that the Opposition is behind it is ridiculous.

“We’ll never resort to such dirty tactics,” he said.

Both the Kepong parliamentary seat and the Sekinchan state seat are held by DAP.