Giving back to society

The participants, volunteer mentors, the project leader and representative of Great Vision Charity smile for a group photo.
Participants were divided into groups for a sharing session.
Representative of Great Vision Charity, Chor Mun Yan (L) together with a social worker from Yayasan Chow Kit presenting a certification of appreciation to project leader Muhammad Khairul Bin Ramly (R).
A volunteer mentor sharing tips and the importance of expressing one's feelings in performing and acting.
Volunteer mentor (C) conducting some warm up exercises

KUALA LUMPUR: Twenty children from Yayasan Chow Kit have participated in a charity performing arts workshop initiated by student Muhammad Khairul Bin Ramly.

The 19 year-old who is currently receiving study aid from the Great Vision Charity Association's Didik Kasih EduCare Program, gives back to society by organising a charity performing art workshop using funds provided by the association.

"Didik Kasih EduCare Program aims to influence and inspire successful applicants to give back to the society by getting involved in and organising charity activities," said Great Vision Charity representative, Chor Mun Yan.

As part of his project, Muhammad Khairul engaged a group of freelance performing art students and performers to volunteer as mentors to the underprivileged children and teach them about the performing arts.

The event was held at Krash Pad KL, Yayasan Chow Kit.

"Teenagers nowadays face a lot of stress and have a hard time to opening up about their problems. Through this event, I hope to implant self-confidence among the children and teach them ways to express themselves through the arts." said Muhammad Khairul.

During the event, the children were divided into 3 groups and were exposed to different disciplines such as acting, singing and dancing. The volunteer mentors guided the children patiently and gave them basic training in each category.

It was a fun and fresh experience for the children as they have never been engaged in such a way before. One of the participant, Azlan commented "I have learnt so much throughout the session and I am glad for the chance to explore a new interest."

The event has garnered a lot of interest among the children. Some children showed talent during the activities and some even viewed the performing arts something they can explore in life.

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