Book review - Lyrebird

A lyrebird is a bird that ­mimics the sounds of other birds and things, like the shutter of a camera, the roar of a car engine – in fact, anything it hears.

When Bo, a documentary ­producer, finds a young woman deep in the woods of southwest Ireland who possesses this ­extraordinary gift, she knows she has the makings of another award-winning documentary.

But Laura has lived alone for years, ­secluded from the world.

It is a scary experience being pulled from her peaceful sanctuary into the ­cacophony of city life and people all eager to know what makes her tick.

At least she has Solomon, Bo’s sound engineer and boyfriend, who is the only one she trusts.

The only problem is, Bo has no idea of Solomon and Laura's growing feelings for each other.

Lyrebird is an ­enchanting read. It is all at once intricate, emotionally moving and absolutely ­touching.

It’s fast paced, and brimming with ­discoveries of self and others, and thought-provoking enough that perhaps readers might learn a thing or two about the values of life.

This is one book that you would not want to put down until the end.