Cooling comfort

PICTURE this: the sun is glaring down at you, the air is as humid as ever, and the heat is suffocating; yet, amidst all these less than favourable conditions, your inner wear remains light, cool and comfortable. While the latter part of this scenario sounds incredulous, it can be true – if you’re wearing the UNIQLO AIRism collection, that is.

Even if you wear AIRism as an additional innerwear under your casual clothes, you’ll stay cool and comfortable in spite of your location and climate. Thanks to its light and stretchable fabric, that moves and feels like a second skin, it’s not surprising that it is now a global bestseller.

So much so that the collection has expanded to cater to everyone’s needs. It is currently available in four lines: men, women, kids, and baby. In addition to its lightness, smoothness and outstanding performance, UNIQLO also upgraded the series by providing further varieties.

By offering more line-ups, one can now choose in accordance with scenes – such as business, sport or casual – as well as the materials. For men, take your pick from AIRism, AIRism Mesh and AIRism Seamless; meanwhile women are given the choices of AIRism, AIRism Bratop and, the newest one, the AIRism Seamless.

Seamless and ultra stretch, women will definitely rejoice with AIRism Seamless. It keeps the lines of undergarments out of sight and, considering how it won’t show through even when layered, it’s perfect for pairing even with a thin top.

Another latest addition to the women’s range is the deodorant functionality. This feature preserves the fresh and comfortable feeling even in the most humid conditions and despite countless washes.

As for the kids, parents can now choose from AIRism Mesh for boys and the recent AIRism for girls. The ultra-thin fibres provide silky smooth texture and this in turn ensures that kids can enjoy unlimited comfort.

AIRism was introduced in 2013 in accordance with the brand’s drive to continually offer innovative clothing that will transform the lives of customers around the world.

With the aim of delivering “comfort unlimited, in any season for any person, anywhere”, UNIQLO is constantly updating and improving the offerings under AIRism for consumers’ ultimate comfort. It is also created based on the company’s LifeWear concept of easy-to-wear, functional clothing for comfort year-round.

As such, the AIRism collection features the latest Japanese fibre technology that has won accolades from customers worldwide. Staying true to its namesake, and being as light as air, this innerwear is more than just cooling or moisture-wicking.

In fact, AIRism is an innerwear that adjusts the air within your clothes by its five adjustment functions to make the inside of your clothes comfortable. These functions – smooth, anti-odour, dry, stretch, and odour-control – have the ability to quickly absorb and release trapped moisture, so that it’ll stay cool to the touch.

Try AIRism once and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.