Wendy’s gets personal

BEING able to choose and have alternatives are all the rage these days. While consumers come in all shapes and sizes, complete with finicky wants and needs, those on the other side of the counter must cater to the different “appetites” in order to stay relevant and with the times.

With that, Wendy’s Malaysia presents its customers with not just more choice, but the chance for a “U” Nique burger experience: indulging in burgers according to their personal preference and taste.

Now, you can make your Wendy’s experience a “U” Nique and personal one since your burger order can be made to your penchants and wants.

At only RM9.90 each, Wendy’s “U” Nique burgers bring customers choice and the chance to pick and choose, from patty type to vegetable and topping. The selection of veggies include lettuce, onion, tomato or pickle, while toppings range from a cheese slice to chicken strips to scrambled egg. Patties come as homestyle chicken or beef.

Even better is the fact that customers can add on more to their choices by paying a little extra: RM1 for extra vege, RM2 for additional topping and RM5 for another pattie.

Wendy’s “U” Nique experience burgers are also drizzled with the new Smokey BBQ Sauce for a lip-smacking finish. In all its appetising goodness, customers can enjoy Wendy’s “U” Nique burger in a set that comes with the brand new Pineapple Lemonade and regular fries, at just RM15.

“All this while, we do in a way customise, according to customers’ preference. When you go into the store, you can tell them that you don’t want mayonnaise or you want to add pickles, just that a lot of customers don’t realise it and we don’t really shout about it,” said Wendy’s Malaysia marketing manager Eva Goh.

“That’s why we thought of doing something to tell people that we have this. We also have this new BBQ sauce ... so why not promote it with this concept to let people know,” Goh shared.

Customers can also enjoy their “U” Nique “made-to-order masterpieces” from the comfort of their homes or wherever within delivery zones, by ordering from Wendy’s Malaysia website at www.wendys.com.my or head on over to any of their outlets now!