(Video) Motorcycle gang cause ruckus outside school in Klang

TWO videos showing members of Gang 24 causing a ruckus outside a school in Klang have gone viral.

The videos show dozens of gang members seemingly celebrating outside the school by shouting, revving their motorcycles, and playing with firecrackers while a larger group of students look on.

The first video lasting 1:14 minutes, shows a rowdy group carrying banners emblazoned with "Gang 24", "TD4" logos, and even swastikas, which is a possible reference to or showing affiliation to the Nazis.

The second video shows a cake with "SMK Seri Andalas", "24", and "Apache" written on it and seems to have been filmed in the same location.

Youths wearing school uniforms were spotted among the motorcyclists.

Below are the two videos: