Centre of excellence

PERKESO (Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial), otherwise known as Socso, the nation’s Social Security Organisation, presents hope and a brighter future for its members in need of rehabilitation, recovery and care due to occupational hazards and mishaps.

Socso is an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources. In 2014, it set up a state-of -the-art rehabilitation centre in Malacca, which has won numerous awards and gained international recognition for its design and architecture that incorporates natural and bio-psychosocial elements, promoting healing and recovery of patients.

The Socso Rehabilitation Centre is the largest rehabilitation complex in Southeast Asia.

Its aim– to provide aid, assistance and medical care to injured and diseased members on their way to recovery.

This is made possible via the comprehensive and intensive physical and vocational rehabilitation services administered by its faculty of multidisciplinary and trained professionals.

The centre, located in the Green City of Hang Tuah Jaya in Malacca, sits on a 55-acre plot of land. It comprises four buildings that cater to its administration, vocational, rehabilitation and hostel demands, each complemented with high-tech equipment and cutting-edge facilities that have helped set more than 1,500 workers on their way back to recovery and into employment and the productive workforce.

From physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, audiology and hydrotherapy remedial treatments, work and vocational re-acclimatisation programmes, as well as daily living skills to promote self-sustenance; robotic therapy is also used in helping those with spinal cord injuries.

Various types of rehabilitation methods take place within the Socso Rehabilitation Centre, which is segregated into the Admin Block, Rehab Block, Vocational Block and Hostel Block. In the rehab block, recovery treatments are carried out across five therapeutic centres – sensory centre, aquatic centre, gymnasium, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. This section also houses clinical wards,work and industrial rehab hubs, prosthetic and orthotic centres. Vocational skill sets like sewing, hospitality and finesse, electrical and electronic know-how, graphic design and basic computer skills are also offered.

Socso’s rehabilitation centre marks a new milestone for the agency, a centre of excellence in rehabilitation and recovery for employee members in the workforce.

Apart from journeying with patients back into becoming productive and independent members of society, Socso also helps alleviate the unnecessary anxiety during their reprieve.

For more information, visit the Socso website.