Flexible study

WORKING adults and international students who are keen on pursuing their MBA but lack the time and financial commitment now have the option of joining HELP University's ELM Graduate School's MBA Online programme.

The formulation of the MBA Online programme is in response to the growing demand for more flexible study options for working adults and those seeking to further their professional and career advancements.

The MBA Online programme is an in-depth study of business management core subjects and is conducted to the same high international standards as similar programmes in top universities.

The MBA Online programme delivers the same unique, efficacious learning experience that has made the flagship HELP MBA a popular and influential programme in Asia Pacific.

The programme's flexible, 12-module online structure makes it highly attractive as students can choose to pay-as-they-learn by enrolling in multiple modules at a time, or pay the full cost of the programme, whichever is more convenient for them.

The programme can be completed in 12 months, provided you take up three modules every 12 weeks. This flexible schedule means that students may complete the MBA Online programme within three years.

The mobility of the MBA Online programme also means that students need not waste time or petrol coming to an actual physical classroom and can log into their course and engage in discussions and lectures with their e-tutors and classmates online.

Teaching for the MBA Online is facilitated through our virtual learning environment, which can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. Each module has a teaching team of subject specialists to support you online. They will facilitate and
moderate online discussions.

Once a student has completed the core modules, he will be required to sit for an exam via a proctoring system which they can take in the comfort of their own home.

Graduates of the MBA Online programme can continue on their progression pathway towards a DBA or PhD programme of their choice, either at a public or private university.

They will also attend the convocation in Kuala Lumpur upon completing the programme and will have access to the online library for their research and studies.

As the online programme caters for working adults and students on a fixed income or budget, the HELP ELM Graduate School offers special bursary schemes and flexible financing options to make the programme even more attractive, and to help the students meet their career aspirations and business goals.

The programme's inaugural fee is RM18,000, and HELP alumni and staff will enjoy a 10% bursary with full tuition fees priced at RM25,000.

A bursary scheme of US$500,000 is available for deserving students, and bursaries ranging from 10% to 50% will be awarded based on the background and merit of the applicants.

In view of the economy downturn and global retrenchment, the ELM Graduate School also offers a special bursary scheme to selected applicants to lighten their financial burden while still providing them with the opportunity to obtain a widely recognised MBA from a leading institution.

Applicants above 55 or who are unemployed or retrenched will automatically receive a minimum 40% bursary.

The HELP ELM Graduate School is a leading provider of graduate education programmes aimed at enhancing the academic and professional capabilities of candidates in a wide range of areas including business, entrepreneurship, leadership and functional management.

For more information on HELP's MBA Online and postgraduate programmes, contact ELM Graduate School at 03-2716 2000 or email Raymond and Aw Kong Hwee at raymond.m@help.edu.my and awkh@help.edu.my