Teas of extraordinary Boh flavours

ADVENTUROUS tea drinkers will reach beyond the ordinary to experience all there is that tea has to offer.

And infusions of fruits and herbs reshape the common flavours of tea into something extraordinary.

Boh invites tea drinkers to ­immerse ­themselves in a revitalising drink that is ­refreshingly different with its Herb and Fruit Spa Infusion Teas.

These come in three ­variants: Gentle Ginger, with its ­peppermint and lemon ­perfume; Hibiscus Zest, with its hints of apple, strawberry, and ­blackberry; and Twilight Rooibos with its citrus and peppermint ­flavours.

Alongside are the Boh Garden Teas, made of unblended ­orange pekoe, or highest grade tea leaves, from the ­renowned and robust Manipuri and Rajghur Jats tea plants. These are available as Palas Supreme and Palas ­Afternoon Tea.

These teas are packed in Boh's new biodegradable pyramid teabags, and are ­presented in stylishly designed and ­classically-inspired metal canisters.

The new pyramid teabags are made from cornstarch, which makes them safe and ­environmentally friendly.

They contain no ­hazardous ­substances and are­completely ­biodegradable, breaking into natural materials in the ­environment without ­causing harm.

The pyramid design ­allows the tea leaves to spread and ­expand, while at the same time, ­keeping them contained in a permeable bag.

"Boh is ­committed to the ­sustainability of our ­environment and we believe we have to play a proactive role, especially in our business operations," said Chen Chaw Chang, head of ­marketing and export of Boh ­Plantations.

Boh's pyramid teabags have also received the GreenPla Mark, a Japanese registered ­trademark, which among others, promotes the commercialisation of ­biodegradable products.

Boh tea products can be found at all major retailers, ­leading ­hypermarkets and ­supermarkets.