Blue Whale ‘suicide game’ raises global concern

A CHILLING suicide challenge called Blue Whale has been reportedly linked to hundreds of teen deaths around the world. It originated in Russia where 100 suicide cases were blamed on the game.

It is an online “suicide game” where the participants are being urged to complete a set of daring challenges over a 50-day period, before being told to kill themselves.

According to online reports, Blue Whale initially sets challenges ranging from watching horror movies to cutting shapes into their skin, with the final challenge being suicide.

To complete each challenge, users have to send photographic evidence back to the game creators as proof, or they will send threats.

It is said that the creators of the application-based game prey on vulnerable teens online before asking them to download the app and take the challenge. Once downloaded the users’ phones are hacked and the game cannot be deleted, meaning they can access all their details.

Worried parents are seeking the help of the media to try to put a stop this online craze, which is run on the social media.

In a Whatsapp message to Khaleej Times, a parent wrote: “Any parents out there or anyone that knows of any kids playing an online game called 'Blue Whale', please get your kids off this game. It sets them 50 challenges and the last one is to commit suicide.”

The online group associated with the Blue Whale reports is said to have thousands of members and subscribers on Facebook and YouTube. The game has cropped up in countries including Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, France and the UK.

The Blue Whale craze first hit the headlines after Russian schoolgirl Yulia Konstantinova, 15, posted this picture of a blue whale on Instagram shortly before jumping to her death.