Brave woman confronts molester

A BRAVE 21-year-old woman has gained the respect of netizens for confronting a man who tried to molest her on a bus.

The woman who works in Singapore and was on the way home to Batu Pahat, was rudely interrupted from her slumber when she felt a man touching her chest. She woke up with a shock to find the man sitting beside her. He immediately scrambled back to his seat.

When she loudly confronted him, he claimed he was only adjusting the air conditioning and denied even touching her.

According to her Facebook post, the feisty woman then told him to follow her to the police station once they arrive. She also alerted the bus driver to the incident.

The man tried to escape through the emergency exit and while the woman was running after him, a passer-by asked about the commotion and told her to give him another chance.

"I answered him, 'Uncle, why don't you allow your daughter to be molested and then ask her to give the guy another chance?'" the woman shared.

With the help of other passengers, he was eventually caught and the woman managed to lodge a police report over the incident.