(Video) 100 disabled investors get back their money from JJPTR founder

PETALING JAYA: A total of 100 disabled investors in JJ Poor To Rich (JJPTR) investment scheme today got back their invested capital with the help of Gerakan which organised a meeting between JJPTR founder Johnson Lee and the investors.

The event marked Lee's first public appearance after being accused of cheating thousands of Malaysians of millions of ringgit in a money game.

Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong said the party was interested in helping disabled people get back the money they had invested in JJPTR.

"I was initially approached by about 20 disabled people who wanted my help to get back their money. I asked my people to help compile the list and we ended with 100 people. We contacted JJPTR founder Johnson Lee and he agreed to refund them their capital," he said.

He added that the party was not working with Lee, but wanted to help the disabled investors get back their money.

Yong said they were more interested in finding solutions to the problem as making noise about it would not benefit anyone.

He pointed out that Lee had personally returned the investments of 10 people and the remaining 90 got their money back from JJPTR employees.

He said he did not know about the amount returned because each investor would have invested a different amount.

The 100 disabled investors were from Segambut, Kepong and Brickfields. He left at 2.20pm.

Several armed policemen were also at the scene.

However, investors are no where closer to finding out if they could recover the money they had invested despite the meeting organised by Gerakan.

"This is the first phase of returning investments. They (the 100 disabled people) will be refunded fully today," Lee said.

He was evasive when asked how much had been returned to the disabled investors, saying he had to refer to his finance department for the figures.

"I have a lot of investors, I have to refer to my finance department on the amount I am going to return today," he said.

Lee also refused to field further questions from the media, saying he wanted to focus on the disabled investors.

At the press conference, Ang Tiau Koh, 58, said he had invested US$1,000 (RM4,347).

"I invested US$1,000 (RM4,347) and in March and April, I did get my returns as promised," he said.

The part-time cashier from Kepong said he would consider reinvesting in JJPTR if he were to get back all his capital.

"I was first introduced to this investment by friends. My relatives also invested in this. I want to take back my cash first, then I'll decide later," he said.

Another investor, Lee Tu In, 23, expressed the same hope.

"I invested RM1,800 and got around RM300 interest. I'm not sure whether I will get my capital back but I'll invest again," he said.

He added that the JJPTR scheme was a good investment.

Below is the video of Johnson Lee's appearance at a community hall in Kampung Kasippilai in Kuala Lumpur :