Remember our warriors

“ON May 6, I attended the graduation of my granddaughter Alysha Nurina, daughter of an ex-RMAF pilot (now with MAS), at Penn State University, United States.

I had never attended convocations of any of my children or other grandchildren. This was a proud moment for me and other members of the family.

One touching moment was when during the opening remarks in front of close to 10,000 people the master of ceremonies asked all attending to applaud the few serving armed forces personnel who were graduating.

He then asked the armed forces veterans in the hall to stand up and thanked them for their sacrifices.

The veterans who proudly stood up were parents and relatives of the graduands.

One woman (about my age) could barely get up from her seat but stood straight to be counted to thunderous applause.

That was when I couldn’t help letting go the tears that swelled in my eyes and flowed down my cheeks. They were tears of joy and pride that I was with fellow veterans (no doubt of a different country) who were accorded thunderous applause of appreciation by everyone present.

I was indeed touched. I doubt if there is such show of appreciation in my own country on any occasion. We should note this tradition and introduce it in Malaysia.

Tan Sri Mohd Yunus Mohd Tasi
Lt-Gen RMAF (Rtd)

(Tan Sri Mohd Yunus Mohd Tasi was RMAF chief from March 19, 1990 to Aug 8, 1993)