First e-learning kit for Tamil distributed to schools

PUTRAJAYA: The first e-learning kit for Tamil has been distributed to Tamil schools to make teaching and learning simpler.

Deputy Education Minister I Datuk P. Kamalanathan said the Play and Learn Tamil Alphabets programme kit, which is equipped with video, audio, flash cards, scrabble and exercise books will enable teaching and learning Tamil language more fun and easier.

He said the product will be sent to the relevant department for reviewing before the kit can be distributed to schools nationwide.

"We will have to look into the cost involved and will look at organisations that will support this kit.

"I have also bought 10 sets for Hulu Selangor," Kamalanathan said at the launch of the kit here today.

The founder of the e-learning kit, Deivigarani Krishnan, said it took her two years to complete this kit, which will enable primary students to do self-learning with the video assistance.

“The traditional way of learning is mainly through books, but this kit has word games, e-cards, wooden scrabble set and alphabet stickers.

“This will make learning more fun and easy and children can also learn on their own,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kamalanathan commented on the teachers’ transfer problem which is being given priority by the ministry.

He said the ministry is aware of the transfer problem especially when the teachers are married and the spouse is transferred to another state.

He said the ministry has over 20,000 application for teachers’ transfer and has resolved almost 50% of them.