Redefining smartphone design

VISUALLY, the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ stands out from the plethora of premium smartphones by sheer force of design – one that is touted as transformative and breaking away from familiarity.

However, despite the marketing spiel, no one can deny that the latest flagship phone from the Korean phone maker is unique.

Sandwiched between two pieces of glass and with its crust curved over and polished to an elegant finish, the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ feels like a smooth, seamless piece of technology, despite the thin metal band that adds a refreshing accent to the overall appearance.

It is as if it has no edges, and there is no end to its lustrous curve. In the hand, the naked device feels like no other smartphone. It is also water- and dust-resistant.

To give the phone a one-of-a-kind silhouette, Samsung uses an on-screen Home button and a display with an 18.5:9 screen ratio that overflows beyond the edge of the phone.

However, glass, as beautiful and scratch-resistant as it is, is brittle. For that, there is a range of accessories for the Galaxy S8/S8+ that are sold separately.

These include phone cases made of Alcantara – an artificial suede-like material that is 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane.

These are touted as durable and will not easily show signs of wear-and-tear with use.

There are also translucent silicone covers with vivid colours that add grip and protection to the back and sides of the phone from drops and bumps.

Samsung went beyond the external look and feel of the phone to express its design philosophy and adopted it into its interface and functionality as well.

The translation of the design concept to the user interface, according to Samsung, is done with the phone's ambient visuals.

Installed within the user interface are a series of wallpapers based on moods and interactive animated galaxy-themed backgrounds, all meant to add sophistication to the phone.

Also, the Galaxy S8/S8+ home screen features a new design, icons, search bar, and weather widgets. The icons use a concept Samsung dubbed 'Light & Line' which uses disconnected lines to create silhouettes on a colour-coded background.

Bixby, Samsung's highly-anticipated personal assistant, is a part of the design whole as well. So much so that it was given a dedicated button on the side of the phone.

It is an artificial intelligence-powered interface that is said to be able to adapt to the user's daily activities, be attentive and set reminders, serve up information as needed and when it is needed, and understand user voice commands. Bixby could also recognise images and serve relevant information.

Altogether, the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ is a new innovative chapter in smartphone design that embodies both function and form.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available for RM3,299, and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ for RM3,699. Both phones come in orchid grey, maple gold, or midnight black and can be found at all Samsung experience stores, authorised dealers and online e-commerce retailers.

For more, visit the Samsung Malaysia website and Facebook page.