University students with a 'Healing Heart'

PETALING JAYA: Sunway University students partnered with Great Heart Charity Association to organise a two-day fun sharing event, "Healing Heart", at Beautiful Gate Foundation, a foundation for the disabled, as part of the You and Me Education Program.

The students cleaned and transformed an empty room in the premise of the foundation, to be used as a workshop by the home and its disabled residents.

The second day of the event comprised of fun activities for the residents and students to interact, where party staples like the chicken dance helped break the ice.

The residents got to try their hand at volleyball as well as origami folding, and even learned a song in Chinese, which was recorded with the students, in hopes of raising awareness on charity homes.

The students' proposal, "Healing Heart", was chosen as part of the You and Me Education Program and they were awarded RM1000 to realise the plan, in addition to their fundraising program on campus.

The fundraising event saw the students capitalising on their peers' nostalgia by selling childhood goodies and managed to raise close to RM1000, which went towards the furnishing of the home's new workshop they helped transform.

The "Healing Heart" event was an opportunity for the students to give back to society, plus develop career skills like teamwork and project management.