Eight police officers transferred out of Malacca

KUALA LUMPUR: Following the arrests of senior police officers by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in a major crackdown on two police districts in Malacca last week and on Monday, federal police issued a transfer order of eight officers in the state on Sunday.

Among those given the orders were two district police chiefs and a district CID chief with the rank of ACP and DSP and all who were held in the swoop by the MACC for allegedly taking bribes from gambling and vice den operators.

The others were a superintendent, two ASPs and two inspectors who are attached to the Malacca state police headquarters were also moved out.

Sources revealed that those affected were ordered to report for non-field duties at Bukit Aman and district police bases in the Klang Valley.

It is learnt that they will be closely monitored by federal police top brass pending the outcome of MACC's probe on them.

The vacant positions at the Malacca state and district police will be filled by officers from Bukit Aman and other states who were also listed in the order to report for their new duties.

Several rank-and-file personnel are also believed to have received transfer orders out of the state.

Since the launch of the MACC operation on May 16, 12 individuals including civilians who allegedly facilitated the payout of bribes to the police were nabbed.

After months of surveillance, the MACC discovered that the policemen had allegedly for years taken bribes to look the other way and spare the illegal businesses of legal action.

All suspects remain in MACC's custody and are being probed over the allegations.

The commission is also investigating claims that the gaming and vice kingpins had the influence to exert pressure on police top brass to transfer out any officer who did not condone to the illegal activities in the districts.