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WAWASAN Open University (WOU) aims to be relevant to its students and has a proven record of providing affordable quality education to some 20,000 students nationwide.

The Commonwealth Executive MBA (CeMBA) degree from WOU is one of the popular study options sought by working professionals, out of the more than 50 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by the university.

The CeMBA programme has consistently enriched its part-time learners and enabled them to apply practical principles to their workplace and achieve success in their careers, at less than RM25,000 and a minimum two years of study at WOU. And now, students pursuing CeMBA have the choice between participating in face-to-face monthly tutorials or fully online tutorial sessions if they are in remote areas or face hectic schedules, enabling them to always stay connected to their studies at any given time.

Wee Kian Lee, regional sales manager of Danawa Services from Sibu, Sarawak, chose to pursue WOU's MBA programme to improve his job performance. "When I first got involved in a management role in my company, I realised that my background in IT was not enough. I needed to get a clearer idea on management processes and organisation culture," he said.

He was pleased to learn that his tutors were not just qualified but experienced as well. "It was a real eye-opener to be able to learn from real-life examples of their own workplace," he commented.

When Kian Lee made the transition to fully online study, it became more convenient. "Even though tutorials were only once a month, 80% of my time was spent travelling and attending classes and this was an issue for me," he quipped. "Now, I could be on my way to catch a flight and attend online classes right at the airport on the way to my next appointment." He is also glad that WOU's tutors and course coordinators are giving the same focus and dedication as in the previous distance learning mode to this new fully online learning study as well.

Besides the CeMBA degree, WOU also offers specialised MBAs in Construction Management (MBA-CM) and in Manufacturing and Production Management (MBA-MPM). Other postgraduate programmes include the Master of Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Education and the research based Master of Philosophy and/or Doctor of Philosophy in the fields of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Computing and Technology.

While students can usually pursue a Master's programme with a Bachelor's degree with CGPA of at least 2.5 or equivalent, WOU is also giving adult learners with relevant work and life experiences a chance to pursue their postgraduate study dreams.

The part-time study July 2017 intake is now in progress. To find out more about WOU's Fully Online MBA or other Postgraduate programmes, log on to or call its toll-free Careline at 1-300-888-968 or WhatsApp 019-474 9323. Also visit WOU Info Day at the main campus, regional centres and support centres nationwide on June 10 and 11.