Concern over recycling fine

"IT pays to separate waste" (Local Counsel, June 6) refers. We support waste separation and were provided two big recycle bins by Alam Flora when we applied for the bins.

Big rubbish bins have been in use at each block all along.

Our management has been sending out advisories to residents to educate them to separate their waste.

Though most have co-operated, we cannot guarantee that all residents and visitors will follow the rules.

According to the article, the management of strata properties face fines for non-compliance and those who do not pay up will be fined RM1,000.

We are worried that a resident or visitor may dispose recyclable waste into the normal rubbish bin and let the management face the consequences.

It would be unfair to fine the management for such an offence when the perpetrator is either an errant resident or visitor.

We urge the authorities to guide condo managements on how to avoid such a predicament.

Chow Sook Cheng
Chief Admin Executive
Kuchai Brem Park 1 Condo