Geylang Ramadan bazaar raid: Trader selling cat and dog meat?

THE Singapore authorities have debunked online rumours that a stall operator had been selling dog and cat meat marinated into satay at the Geylang Raya Bazaar.

According to the false news that went viral, Singapore's Ministry of Health caught the man for selling non-halal meat to unsuspecting consumers.

Earlier this week, pictures of personnel in plainclothes detaining vendors at the bazaar made its rounds on social media, a post on the offical Singapore Government website read.

"Factually would like to assure netizens that it was in fact a case of unlicensed foreign food handlers working illegally, and not a case of non-halal dendeng (thinly sliced dried meat) being sold at the Geylang Serai Ramadan bazaar," it read.

"22 unregistered foreign food handlers, who were also illegal workers, were arrested by the Ministry of Manpower during one of its regular joint operations with the police and the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Tuesday (30/5). Investigations are still on-going.

"We should critically evaluate online content from unofficial sources before sharing them."