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WHILE you could say that almost everyone is on the ball and agreeable that digital technology is the way forward, we find that those in the property industry, including buyers, sellers and leaseholders, are also singing the same tune.

In fact, looking for property, whether to buy, sell or rent via the internet, has indeed become quite effortless, thanks to digital technology and, of course, the tech-experts and computer science geniuses who piece together property search engines, websites and web pages. Thanks to the likes of these, our lives are less stressful and not as demanding, giving more time for other pursuits.

Quick, easy and convenient
Today, information is quite literally at one's fingertips – available via verbal command or at the touch of a few buttons or keys on smartphones and electronic gadget keyboards and keypads. This easy access to a wide range of relevant information can benefit those on all sides of the property arena – land owners, the property developer, buyers, sellers, tenants, agents, etc.

The internet would be very useful to those mentioned above, and the insights that can be gleaned online is really vast, with data that can be used to the advantage of all in the entire property industry spectrum. With that, we highlight some of today's user-friendly portals, websites and web pages that some claim takes the stress out of physically searching for a piece of property or real estate, whether buying, selling or renting.

No information overload
When looking for a piece of real estate or property to buy, sell or rent, no information is considered too much. In fact, the more information one receives prior to a decision to buy, sell or rent, the better the result.

Informed decisions are no doubt quality decisions and informed choices require research.

Before the internet, one would have to actually go through a number of classified ads in various dailies before identifying a few possibilities, then contact the owner/agent to get additional information, followed by personally viewing each of the properties/real estate plots to physically view what is and isn't in the agreement.

Today, in the era many refer to as "The Internet Of Things", research is merely a few clicks, taps and scrolling of the mouse at almost any location that has internet connection.

Search portals and websites like make it all the more convenient for its users, allowing easy access to its user-friendly and info-extravagant website via iOS and Android system apps.

Whether your intention is buying, selling, renting or simply keeping tabs on the property and real estate markets, do visit these online sites to experience the convenience it brings, along with the vast amounts of useful information it provides.

For those who are new to carrying out searches on property/real estate online, here is the long and short of the all-encompassing information one can get, while possibly sitting at one's desk on their computer, or even out sipping coffee at a cafe while scrolling through a property website on their smartphone.

Evolving with the times
According to surveys and feedback from analyses conducted by the people behind Malaysia, the firm reports that the way consumers search for property has evolved and is changing even further as the world develops.

"The need for quality information and content that helps them make informed decisions has never been more crucial. But aside from this, we also know that being the perfect marketing partner for our customers, is just as important," said a source from the firm.

Hence, generating quality leads and ensuring their projects get the visibility it needs has become core priority for which it recently introduced its new search experience on

"This new search experience will now feature a combination of new developments and sub-sale listings together in the search results under the "buy" tab.

"The enhanced search experience is set to offer unprecedented ease of use, delivering extraordinary customer and consumer satisfaction. It is a one stop solution to showcase property listings in the market on every platform including desktop, m-site and mobile, which really means more visibility and more leads for your projects as you are able to engage with property buyers and investors anywhere and at any time."

These improvements are also said to focus on building new ways to help make it easier for the over 1.4 million property buyers and investors who visit the firm's site (on a monthly basis) to find their dream property.

Convenience via clicks Malaysia hopes that the enhancements on its website and mobile app will see an increase in traffic on new development listings.

"We are expecting growth of as much as 23 times on the website and by 57% on our mobile app," the company representative said.

Some of the information one can receive on the website includes content on sale, rent, auction, sub-sale and new launch property, more focused searches based on areas or locations (countries and states included), number of rooms or built-up areas, and also price range and affordability.

You can even tab and store searches for reference later to and shortlist listings to follow-up. Other information provided includes price tags over a number of years, loan calculator, as well as information on the surrounding area and conveniences.

According to findings from the recent Asia Property Market Sentiment Survey H1 2017, 40% of respondents are looking at purchasing newly developed properties.

As such, the firm believes that with such high demand for newly developed property, this new search feature will provide its users more ease to reach these target markets effectively.

To experience the convenience that comes from using online methods for property search, download the new mobile app, Malaysia, available on the Play Store and App Store.

Alternatively, there are other property portals, websites and apps to explore, including,, and

Online property search tips
As it is THE biggest purchase in one's life (in most cases) where the smallest of mistakes could be very costly, here are, some advice to take heed of.
• Choose a good and reliable property site.
• Always double-check with a reliable agent or source.
• House prices vary, so take your time when searching.
• Negotiate.
• Learn about the neighbourhood. Better still, talk to the neighbours.
• Take not of flood-prone areas, dumpsites nearby or sewage treatment plants.
• Check with town council on upcoming plans for the area.
• Physically view the property, at different times of day.
• Check price of property across the years.
• Put tabs on preferred areas and locations.
• Compare prices across websites and apps to get the best deals.
• Ensure all information online gels with that in reality.