Decide early on replacement classes

THE Education Ministry's decision to impose a compulsory school replacement on June 17 to make up for the extra holiday on June 23 is not well executed.

The justification for taking the extra day off on June 23 is to ease traffic congestion. Traffic is expected to peak on June 24 as Hari Raya falls on June 25.

This merely moves the traffic congestion from Saturday to Friday. But it might alleviate the congestion somewhat by spreading out traffic between these two days.

What is more upsetting is that the decision was only announced on June 7 – a mere 10 days before the replacement on June 17.

This last-minute mandate impacts many people and organisations. It makes the most well-laid plans go haywire. Educational institutes and centres for tuition, music, art and sports have planned their timetable way in advance.

Most have classes and events on June 17 and with the school replacement, they have to reschedule.

Those who have planned open days on June 17 can consider the event a flop even before it starts.

My language centre took a break on June 3 as our timetable had been planned from last year to incorporate the day off for the King's Birthday which was subsequently changed to July 29.

If the Education Ministry had given us the notice well in advance, we could have scheduled classes on June 3.

Due to this last-minute replacement, we are in a bind to finish our syllabus.

I appeal to the Education Ministry to give us adequate notice in future when a mandate like this is necessary.

Upset Educator
Kuala Lumpur