Family and friends praying Nhaveen will make miraculous recovery

GEORGE TOWN: "We are holding on to hope and praying for a miracle," said G. Prema, the aunty to an 18-year-old whose lying in a coma following a senseless attack last week.

The family of T. Nhaveen, who is declared brain dead following the brutal assault is hoping against all odds that he will make a full recovery.

"Despite the great anguish we are going through, we are rejecting all negative thoughts. The whole family wants to see Nhaveen open his eyes and wake from his coma.

"I want to hear from his own mouth exactly what happened that day," she said when met by theSun at the Penang Hospital today.

Prema also asked the media to give the family some privacy, especially the mother in this difficult time.

"She (the mother to Nhaveen) needs time to recover. She simply cannot believe what her son has gone through," she said while attempts to speak to the mother were declined.

The mood at the hospital was somber as several relatives were seen at the corridor to the entrance of the intensive care unit (ICU).

Nhaveen was supposed to enroll for a music course in Kuala Lumpur this week.

Many declined to speak to theSun when approached but a male relative expressed hope that justice will be done.

"I hope the law will take its course through punishment for the culprits, justice must prevail," he added.

Checks on social media meanwhile showed a tremendous out-pouring of support from Nhaveen's friends.

Many expressed shock over what happened to their friend and mirrored the hopes of the family of him making a full recovery.

A user, identified as Sumi Suryakumar hoped that Nhaveen will come back to them soon while Leela Kandiah was also praying for a miracle.

Maheswaran Muthiah said the family needed public support and prayers while Chandra Iswari prayed that the victim would make a full recovery.