Video of sex slave freed from 2 months of captivity

SOUTH CAROLINA police have released a footage of a sex slave who was held captive and chained by her neck in a shipping container for two months by a serial killer.

The disturbing video was released by prosecutors on June 9 along with dozens of pictures and hundreds of pages of evidence.

It shows the moment on Nov 3, 2016 when officers discovered Brown, who authorities say was “chained up like a dog” inside a metal storage container on Todd Kohlhepp’s property near Woodruff.

Brown has waived her right to anonymity, and consented to the release of the video.

She was missing for more than two months when she was found. Spartanburg County Sheriff's deputies founder her when they heard a loud banging coming from a container in the grounds of a large rural property.

They had gone onto the property in search of Brown and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, after her phone indicated she could have been in the area when she vanished.

After sawing open the metal box, armed officers found the 30-year-old “chained inside the container like a dog,” according to Sheriff Chuck Wright.

After hearing Brown’s screams, officers broke open the green container she was kept in and entering into its darkness with flashlights and guns. They walked past cases of plastic water bottles, metal shelving and what appeared to be a cage before finding Brown at the back of the bin.

In the video, Brown is seen on a makeshift bed. She’s dressed in a dark long-sleeved shirt, sweatpants and flip flops, and has a large chain around her neck. Her hands are cuffed behind her head.

“My neck’s attached to the wall up here,” Brown tells the officers.

“We’re getting bolt cutters, honey,” an officer tells her.

One officer asks Brown, “Where’s your buddy?”

“Charlie? He shot him,” Brown says, referring to Carver.

“Who did?” the officer asks.

“Todd Kohlhepp shot Charlie Carver three times in the chest, wrapped him in a blue tarp, put him in the bucket of the tractor, locked me down here. I've never seen him again. He says he's dead and buried. He says there are several bodies dead and buried out here," Brown says.

Kohlhepp pleaded guilty to seven counts of murder and raping Brown. He was jailed for seven consecutive life sentences and an additional 60 years in prison.

By pleading guilty, the registered sex offender avoided the death penalty. He had previously spent 14 years in prison after forcing his 14-year-old neighbour into his house at gunpoint, tying her up and raping her when he was just 15-years-old.

Watch the video here: