Vodka-drinking bus driver in Singapore pleads guilty

A BUS driver in Singapore has pleaded guilty to one count of reckless driving, drink-driving and using the phone while driving. His sentence hearing has been set on July 5.

According to the Straits Times of Singapore, the SBS Transit bus driver briefly fell asleep at the wheel while there were still passengers on the bus last June. He was said to have missed stops on his route and drove into oncoming traffic, nearly causing an accident.

Nagibullah Raja Saleem, 27, was said to have begun drinking before starting his shift. Commuters claimed he was drinking vodka straight out of the bottle while he was driving the bus.

The accused's alcohol level was recorded at 2.4 times the legal limit five hours after he stopped driving.

A CCTV footage shows the bus driver taking swigs from a vodka bottle, dozing off, swerving into other lanes and driving onto the road shoulder. It also shows him using his phone at a red light. His hands were also not on the wheel when the bus started to move forward.