Maid remanded for murder of employer

PETALING JAYA: A maid who allegedly killed her 65-year-old employer on May 6 was arrested with the victim's ATM card in her possession.

Selangor Criminal Investigation Department chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat said the maid and her accomplice had the ATM card on them when they were arrested and they had made withdrawals with the card.

"Our investigations show that the maid had taken the ATM card and made withdrawals of up to approximately RM10,000," he said.

However, Fadzil said police still have not ascertained the motive for the murder but they believe that it was because of a dispute between the victim and the maid.

"At this stage we don't know the real motive but we believe it's because the suspect had some issues with her employer," he said.

Kajang police were alerted to the incident after the woman who was found lying unconscious in bed with a pillow covering her face on May 6.

Police found the woman in the bedroom and neighbours claimed to not have heard any noise.

The victim's sister claimed that when she was found, the front door was locked from the inside of her room.

The woman, a retiree, lived in the house with her 25-year-old Indonesian maid.

It is learnt that her husband had passed away 15 years ago.

Checks also revealed that the woman had a congenital heart condition.

A post-mortem on the victim revealed that she had died of asphyxiation.

The suspects have been remanded until June 21 and the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder, which carries the death penalty upon conviction.