The Journey Begins Here…

SINCE its inception in 1969, Taylor's College has provided the platform for countless Malaysian youth to reach their full potential. Through the course of 48 years Taylor's College has been impacting lives of youths who have been able to dream big.

Being a pioneer in the area of pre-university studies in Malaysia, Taylor's College takes its responsibility in giving students the best head start to their future very seriously. The importance of providing the right start in quality learning, strong student support and placing students in the university of their choice cannot be overstated. Its commitment in academic excellence and personal development support will take students a long way in their lives, beyond just a good career.

Taylor's College also has a track record that is second to none in preparing graduates to gain admission to the finest universities in the UK, Ivy Leagues universities in the US, top Australian universities and other universities around the world. The strong heritage that comes with educating and preparing youth for their future has allowed Taylor's to become a gateway to the world for aspiring university applicants.

Kaautham Uthaya Suriyan, Alicia Leong Kar Yan and Victor Chai are three recent Taylor's College graduates who have greatly benefited from their time at the college as it not only allowed the opportunity to challenge their thought process but also grow themselves as individuals.

Kaautham, who is currently pursuing his studies at University of Berkeley in the USA is a graduate from Canada Pre-University programme. He believed that college plays an important role in identifying and discovering different learning skills for his academic success.

"My experience at Taylor's College has allowed me to pursue my studies internationally and I can say with confidence that the programme and the teachers have shaped me as a person and a student.

"I found the teaching methods to be interactive and effective and how knowledge and real life situations were connected. The challenge is there for us to learn and grow, and this is what we, as students, need to take us further," he said.

Alicia agrees, adding that her active participation in academic and extra-curricular activities in Taylor's developed her leadership skills and confidence, which is essential for university.

"The competitive environment at Taylor's, along with the deliberate lack of spoon-feeding approach and student-focus learning methodologies prepared me for the competitive environment at university.

The student-centred learning approach at Taylor's takes into consideration the different learning styles of the students, and students are encouraged to learn in the way that works best for them.

"Being around a group of people who are smarter and who are doing things besides studying drives you to push yourself harder," said Alicia, a former Taylor's Cambridge A Level student who is now studying engineering in St. Catherine's College at the University of Oxford.

For Victor, being part of a group of people at Taylor's College was a motivator to excel.

"In the South Australian Matriculation (SAM) programme, we have the benefit of being in a small classroom, which allows the students to develop a closer bond with their lecturers. At the end of my time in Taylor's, I became more extroverted and became more interested in the "why's" of things instead of just perusing through my textbooks," said Victor.

He also credits the Management of Taylor's College for encouraging a vibrant atmosphere on campus.

"People don't just strive for academic excellence at Taylor's, they also have fun.

"Even though my friends and I are in different universities now, we still keep in touch and that's all thanks to the memorable moments we had in campus," said Victor.

The Pre-University programme at Taylor's College helps students start right with diverse learning skills to succeed in life and beyond as it instils a combination of critical skills such as independent learning skills, collaborative learning skills and research skills.

Taylor's College was awarded the prestigious 6 Stars (Outstanding) rating by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia in the MyQUEST 2014/2015 ratings announcement maintaining its top ranking by being the only private college awarded the 6 Stars rating for both its campuses in Subang Jaya and Sri Hartamas for the second consecutive time since 2012.

The Subang Jaya campus also received a 6 star rating in the initial MyQUEST, the Malaysian Quality Evaluation Systems rating exercise in 2010.

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