Pervert fondles women’s breasts by pretending to be a street magician

A PERVERT has been arrested in Chengdu for fondling the breasts of unsuspecting women by pretending to be a street magician.

The 26-year-old blogger from Shanghai then uploaded footage of his so-called pranks. The video went viral and landed him in the soup.

He used a coin trick to take liberty of his victims. He would ask them to inspect the coin to determine if it was normal. He then pretended to put it in his palm and placed his palm on the women’s breasts.

The coin supposedly went inside their bra after he had given their breasts a squeeze. When he removed his hand, the coin would fall from his palm.

After Chinese media outlet The Cover stitched together a number of his "street magic" segments to make the video, it went viral. Chengdu police detained the man surnamed Xu last Friday for 14 days, along with his accomplice who filmed the videos.