Naked sex attacker falls to death after victim breaks free

PETALING JAYA: A naked sex attacker paid with his life after his victim fought him off in a lift at a condominium in Larkin, Johor, yesterday. The naked assailant fell to his death from the sixth floor.

According to a report in the Oriental Daily, the perpetrator tried to force himself on a 32-year-old
kindergarten teacher in the 8.30am incident. The naked man, who was in his 20s, entered the elevator when it was on the third floor.

He tried to kiss the woman who was in the lift. She tried to get out of it but was pulled back. He assaulted her and started tearing her clothes. She suffered injuries on her back and her right ear.

The victim managed to break free when the lift door opened on the sixth floor. The report said the assailant ran in the opposite direction after the woman fled.

He was found lying motionless on the ground floor after falling off the balcony, by a security guard. Police are investigating the case.