Why cut our trees?

PENANG Island City Council has cut down trees and cleared much of the plants in Island Glades without informing the residents.

When queried its workers told residents they were only following orders.

The workers came for the first time in early May and cut down the trees in Lorong Delima 9. On May 29, they cut down many plants around a shed. The plants had provided a barrier and cut off the dust and noise from vehicles that speed along Jalan Delima.

On June 20, they cut down more trees.

Penangites have been asked to go green but see what the council has done to our trees and plants.

The residents are the stakeholders. Why were we not consulted.

If certain trees were found to be not suitable, the council should have intervened when these trees were planted years ago.

Why wait all these years and allow the trees to grow into maturity and then chop them down? It doesn’t make sense!

Island Glades Residents

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