(VIDEO) Dramatic video of police car chase is for Hong Kong movie (Updated)

GEORGE TOWN: A short video clip of police patrol cars chasing a so-called "criminal van" at Lebuh Kimberley which went viral on social media turned out to be part of a Hong Kong (HK) movie filming titled "The Leaker".

It was learnt that shots of the eighteen-second clip directed by Herman Yau was taken during the weekend as three patrol vehicles were seen pursuing the white van from behind in the narrow roadway of Lebuh Campbell.

Notices for the shooting were given to the row of shop tenants along Jalan Kuala Kangsar and Lebuh Campbell by Filmforce Studio Sdn Bhd.

It stated the film company had received the green light from local authorities to carry out filming from 10am to 7pm on Saturday.

Many netizens at first thought the video was of a real incident.

In the film, passers-by could be seen running helter-skelter to escape from the van while motorcycles parked at the roadside were damaged from the impact of a glancing crash.

Anxious onlookers also gathered at roadside to catch a glimpse of the rare film shooting moment in Penang.

Social media were at first abuzz with concerns and fears over such heinous crime situation on the streets of Penang but their fears were quickly gone off soon after.

The video has since been widely shared across social media as netizens quick to breath a sigh of relief after learning that film shooting carried out.