One of these woman is 63 years old

From left: Sharon, the mother and Lure.
Fayfay and her daughters, aged 8 and 10

THE Hsu family must have found the fountain of youth. This Taiwanese have shocked the world with their youthful looks.

Lure Hsu, 41, has two sisters who look half their age. They are Sharon, 36, and Fayfay 40. But wait, their mother, who is a 63-year-old retired dancer, looks like a woman in her 30s.

In an interview with MailOnline, Fayfay said she and her sisters inherited their youthful looks from their mother.

"When our mother was young, she was incredible youthful looking. Now she still looks great," Fayfay said.

Fayfay has two daughters who are 10 and eight years old. She is the only one of the three siblings who has children.

The sisters' secrets to their good looks are surprisingly simple.

"Because I have two daughters, I stick to a routine. I go to bed and get up early every day, and I eat my three meals on time every day," she said. "I never skip breakfast because eating your food on time could help you stay slim".

Her one piece of advice is this — drink a big glass of lukewarm water every morning. "I have been doing that for more than a decade. I drink 350ml to 500ml".