Model looks like a living anime doll

Chinese model Kina Shen

CHINESE model Kina Shen has built up a huge fan base on the Internet by transforming herself into a living anime doll with amazing toy-like features. The 25-year-old has 460,000 followers on Instagram.

She has a fondness for the dark gothic style. "All this time I thought I was dark, but maybe I was wrong. I cannot stay away from darkness, because it needs me. Because I am the light it craves, and needs. So maybe I am not cursed, but blessed with a dark kind of light," she comments on Instagram.

Shen highlights her porcelain skin and anime-like large eyes with makeup and trendy clothes completing her image of an actual living doll. She also puts on anime cosplay attire.

The living doll has a bachelor's degree in Fashion Marketing Management from the The Art Institute of California, Hollywood.