Touched Fizo Omar takes to social media to praise honest GrabCar driver

PETALING JAYA: Actor and entrepreneur Fizo Omar was so touched by the honesty of a GrabCar driver that he has shared his experience and asked his fans to contact the driver if they need a ride.

Fizo used the ride-sharing service on July 4 as his car was in the workshop.He identified the driver as Yee.

In a post on Facebook, Fizo said he preferred to book cars driven by non-Malays as most of them wouldn't know he is an actor and the conversation would be more comfortable as he didn't want any special treatment.

"As usual, I chatted with the driver," Fizo said. "I got to know that he does not have a regular job and relies on driving GrabCar to earn his living. He has to support a 60-year-old mother and the money earned is only enough to pay for the mother's food bills and petrol. Sometimes he has passengers who refuse to pay for the charges".

The celebrity left his newly purchased camera in the car. He attempted to contact the driver, but his calls were unanswered. He had thought that Yee didn't take his calls because he wanted to keep the camera.

"Later I received a call by the driver saying that he was driving a passenger to Genting and would return the camera to me on the same night," Fizo said. "At that time I was thinking, would there be such Good Samaritans? The camera is expensive and I could not do anything if he denied the camera was left in his car".

Yee arrived at his house at 1am to return the camera. He even apologised for turning up and disturbed him at wee hours.

"This driver drove from Genting to Bangi in order to return me the camera. I am very touched," Fizo said.

Fizo also posted the handphone number of Yee on his Facebook and urged those who require transport to contact the driver.