(Video) Japanese man marries anime character?

A JAPANESE man has married a game character in an elaborate ceremony, even though his anime wife exists only in virtual reality (VR). That is if the video of the crazy wedding isn't a prank.

The video was shot in a chapel, with the man kissing a pair of rubber lips held up by a helper.

His anime wife now lives inside of a VR headset that he had to wear to fulfil his marital vows. The question of how they would consummate their marriage is best left unanswered.

The "marriage" is said to due to the popularity of a romance and dating simulator, Niitzuma LovelyxCation. It is a game developed by Japanese studio Hibiki Works.

It allows players court any one of its three anime characters. Players can eventually marry these characters in real life wedding ceremonies held in actual chapels.

Watch the video here: