(My Not So Perfect Life) My Not So Perfect Life

EVERYBODY has his or her version of the perfect life. For country girl Katie Brenner, it's a flat in London, a glamorous job, and a super cool Instagram feed.

And she's living it. Although the truth is her room is so tiny there is no space for a wardrobe, she has a hideous commute to a lowly job in a branding company and the pictures she posts on Instagram aren't really hers.

But she is in London, among glamorous people. And one day, she will be one of them.

Meanwhile, she has to put up with the boss from hell. Then, out of the blue, her mega-successful boss Dementer gives her the sack and she has to return home to Somerset on the pretense of being on a sabbatical from work to help in her dad's new glamping business.

Putting her branding skills to work, Katie builds up the business from scratch and the bookings start coming in - among them, Demeter and her family.

Horrified, Katie however sees a chance to get back at the woman who ruined her dreams. The woman who has the perfect life that she wants. But then is Dementer's life really that perfect?

If you want something light and amusing, then, Sophie Kinsella's My Not So Perfect Life will be just the thing. It might be predictable but it is also breezy and hits the right spot for some careless giggles and day dreaming. Now, that's just perfect.