Nurturing curious minds

ONE of the many hopes parents have for their children is for their young one’s to fulfil their dreams and reach their potential. However, not every child is able to due to the lack of resources and proper guidance.

With that, CHAMPS, a brand known for its children’s supplements, together with Watsons Malaysia, another household name, recently launched the nation’s first educational mobile app called “MYCHAMPION”.

According to sources in CHAMPS, the app was conceived with the ministry of education’s vision in mind. It is based around a good quality education system that helps challenge, hence develop individuals to learn, develop and advance. In a nutshell, the mobile app provides the child-user a digital platform to explore his or her ambitions and “improve”.


During the launch, it was learnt that the educational mobile app was designed for children between the ages of six and 12. It touches on five professions, including that of a pilot, doctor and athlete, and encourages exploration and understanding.

Children will be able to learn many things about each of the occupations. These come as an extension to the knowledge provided within the regular school curriculum and stimulates thinking, especially with the “Did You Know” segment. There is also a question and answer bit that award digital vouchers as rewards. These can be utilised at Watsons’ online stores via


CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd chief commercial officer Billy Urudra was delighted in partnering with Watsons Malaysia in this venture.

“CCM is pleased to welcome Watsons Malaysia on board and embark on this journey with us as our retail partner for this programme. Watson’s strong presence in the region is able to provide us with the spring board to leap into digital marketing and strengthen our ties. With this partnership, we are privileged to run some exclusive campaigns while rewarding Watsons members via digital platform and nationwide stores,” Urudra said.

For more information, visit the CHAMPS and Watsons websites or their respective Facebook pages.