Press Digest - Elderly Singapore men cross the Causeway for physical pleasure

LONELY elderly Singaporean men are crossing the Causeway in droves in search of physical pleasure.

They invariably end up at some coffee shops in Jalan Meldrum, Johor Baru, where young foreign women in sexy outfits are eager to spend time with these "Singapore uncles" for what they have in their wallets.

Children of these amorous senior citizens were either unaware of their fathers' little dark secret or have chosen to close one eye to their dear ones' frequent fun trips up north.

A few children discovered the hard truth from private eyes they hired to tail their fathers to find out why they kept asking for bigger and bigger sums of pocket money.

Worried about the health implications of their fathers' addiction, some filial sons have approached the China Press for help to highlight the goings-on in Jalan Meldrum that the initiated refer to as the little "Geyland" (a red light district of Singapore).

According to the report, foreign prostitutes who once used the food court at a complex nearby as their pick-up point have now moved to several coffee shops in Jalan Meldrum, not far from a police station.

Acting on the tip-off, the daily's reporter staked out the coffee shops and found these foreign women would approach and chat with the mainly senior citizen customers.

It is learnt that these "uncles", who are mainly from Singapore, would happily part with a small fee for the young women's company. Many of them would end up taking these women to lodging nearby for their other services.

Operators of businesses in the area told the daily that foreign sex workers have been plying their trade there for a number of years and they are used to the sleaze that is going on.

"They are even out soliciting as early as eight in the morning at these coffee shops. When night falls, they would move to a night market nearby," said a trader.

A Singapore uncle approached by the reporter said he got to know the "Geylang" of Johor Baru from friends some time ago and has since been visiting the place at least once a week, spending about S$100 each time.

He said the moment he sat down at one of these coffee shop, one or more women would approach him offering to chat with him in return for a cuppa and some tips.

"We will make a further deal if we hit it off," said the Singaporean in his 50s, who did not want to be identified.

He said he likes Jalan Meldrum as it is just a bus trip from Singapore.