Chaumet channels beauty and emotion in new high jewelry collection

THE jewelry house is celebrating the Parisian way of life, elegance, music and joie de vivre with the new "Chaumet est une fête" high jewelry collection.

Four legendary global locations for music inspired Chaumet's new jewelry creations, which showcase the style, craftsmanship and attention to detail of the French jewelry house.

While Dior is honoring the gardens of the Versailles Palace, Piaget is celebrating the Amalfi coast and Chanel is inspired by the nautical world, Chaumet is celebrating life and the fleeting moments that inspire emotion and beauty with its new high jewelry collection.

The collection comprises four jewelry sets, paying homage to four emblematic locations associated with music: the UK's Glyndebourne Festival is honored with "Pastorale Anglaise," La Scala opera house in Milan is celebrated with "Aria Passionata," the Metropolitan Opera House in New York is channeled in "Rhapsodie Transatlantique," and the Vienna Opera in Austria is embodied in "Valses d'Hiver."

Movement, volume and exceptional gemstones

The "Pastorale Anglaise" set revisits the tartan motif, combining elegance with a bucolic theme using Colombian Muzo emeralds, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. "Aria Passionata" channels music, passion and flamboyancy with pigeon blood rubies, rhodolite garnets and diamonds. "Rhapsodie Transatlantique" evokes a softer kind of elegance with colored sapphires, garnets and diamonds. "Valses d'Hiver" plays on lightness and snowy white with diamonds and fine pearls.

With this high jewelry collection, Chaumet is also celebrating its unique style and the skill of its artisans. The "Chaumet est une fête" jewelry sets play with volume, movement and lightness thanks to the exceptional skills and techniques of the house's craftspeople.

Highlights include a transformable necklace in white gold, yellow gold and lacquer, set with a vivid green emerald-cut Colombian Muzo diamond (28.98 karats), 39 cabochon-cut emeralds from Zambia, round rubies and emeralds, baguette-cut sapphires and yellow sapphires, and brilliant-cut diamonds. This spectacular creation is part of the "Pastorale Anglaise" set. — AFP Relaxnews