Press Digest - Educationists against removal of allowances for students of teacher education institutes

EDUCATIONISTS are against the removal of living and travel allowances for students of teacher education institutes (IPG) beginning in June next year.

Commenting on the move by the Education Ministry, which was to have been implemented this June, Malaysian National Headmasters Union president Goh Boon Poh said it makes no difference whether it is implemented this or next June, China Press reported today.

The government should not scrap these allowances at all if it wants to produce top quality teachers, he stressed.

Goh said the government does not save much by doing away with these allowances but to students who enrol for the Bachelor of Teaching Degree Programme (PISMP) in IPGs, the monthly living allowance of RM700 is a lot as most of them come from the middle lower income bracket.

"The government should not try to save by scrapping these allowances if they want to attract and nurture people who are passionate about teaching.

"If the government wants to save, it should look at implementing cost-cutting measures in other areas," he said.

Goh's views are shared by Jiao Zong (United Chinese School Teachers Association of Malaysia) president Ong Kow Yee.

Ong said he has received complaints from IPG students over the decision to scrap living and transport allowances.

According to an earlier report by China Press, trainees who joined the June intake this year to pursue the Preparatory Programme for a Degree in Teacher Education were crying foul as they would be the first batch to be affected by the move.