(Video) UK auto blogger finds 1987 Proton Saga ‘very competent’

UK-BASED automotive blogger Ian Seabrook has given the thumbs up for a 1987 Proton Saga Aeroback which he bought for £50 (RM280).

Seabrook, who goes by the name of "HubNut" on YouTube, posted his review of the first generation Proton on his blog.

“I must say though, this is a rather jolly car to drive,” he wrote in his blog. “It ambles along very merrily, and is a good steer too, even if it does start rolling about and threatens to understeer if you get too silly with it.

“As a car to simply jump in and drive, it’s exactly what most people want, which is why they became so remarkably successful. It isn’t thrilling, it isn’t fancy, it’s just very competent. I like that.”

This is Seabrook's second Malaysian car. He bought a Perodua Nippa, which is a Perodua Kancil, in 2015.

Watch the video here: